Saturday, July 02, 2011

Why Traffic Exchanges Are a Fail

maybe you  stumbled already over so called "Traffic Exchanges."  If not, let me explain what a traffic exchange is.

traffic exchanges are programs where you watch sites from other members and gain credits for each site you see.

there are also Bonus Credits after an amounts of sites you view in a row, special credits and so on.

the earned credits you gain you can use for placing banner/text links or for showing up your site to others.

by now you must say "well, if its free to join and i can make traffic to my site  thats a great place so start".

but let me tell you, it is a waste of time and i will explain you why.

first, every viewer of a site on the web, decides within a fiew seconds, if a site is relevant for him or not.

this first starts wih the design of the site, content flow, topic, menu structure and many other factors.

If your site doesnt fit in one or more of these categories, your viewer is gone and drives to another site.

this rule makes it already difficult, when you have your site ranked somewhere in google,

cause last but not least, the person behind the screen decides if your site is worth of interest and not a search spider.

okay, now you say "Hah, i got you, i redesign my site, do a nice layout, put good content on it and then i drive insane traffic to it and people will like it."

and guess what.."yes, they will like it, if they stumble on your site from google or another source but not from a traffic exchange"-

a traffic exchange first priority is to GAIN credits so you can use these for your site, almost everyone on these programs think like this.

so all they do is click forward to the next site, no matter how good your content is, thats their collect credits.

and this is where everyone loses on both ways: who put your site to the program and put your credits to advertise it.
2.the same you, who clicked from site to site, his only goal to collect credits to put your own site into it, in hope it will be seen (sadly 90% of the people will think like you and just click to the next site)

optional you can with almost any traffic exchange program buy Credits with your Payment processor to skip the clicking part..but..packages like 4,99 US$ for 1000 Hits to your Site which is not even examined more closely by the viewer is throwing money out of the window.

traffic exhcanges deliver "dead traffic", means..your site could have 2000 hits from the rotator of the program, but only 5 of them digged deeper in your content. and for that you collected credits for hours..

if you dont´t believe me, check it out for yourself. Make an interesting blog for example, to make it more attractive even a niche blog.

drive traffic from a traffix exchange from it and see in your statistics what people clicked on your page, etc.

tell me your experiences, i look forward to hear them. but do not think i didnt´t warn you :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one dollar can make you wealthy

OneDollarRiches is a program where you have to invest only 1US$ via alertpay and you can get money from it again and again by just referingt others to that program. unlike similiar gifting programs there are no admin fees or other hidden costs..

once you pay your 1$ via alertpay you are redirected to the signup process and can log in after and start receiving money by promoting the url you find in the member section where you also can find banners to put these on your website or blog.

once someone clicks on your banner/link and signs up by paying the 1 US$ you get that Dollar INSTANTLY in your Alertpay account.

this way you can make a lot of income in any easy way

if you look for more possiblities to promote your url, the member section of the program has a seperate tab where you can find Free and low-cost ebooks to help you promoting your url even more effective.

i already made more of my signup fee and you can too

note: make sure your alertpay account is verified to accept payments from members who pay with alertpay through their credit card.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Neobux - One of the best PTC Sites

many PTC/Bux programs lately made promises which later turned out just to be a bubble.

just think of ONBUX which turned out to be a scam later and changed their Instant Payout Policy, making people to wait ages even for smaller amounts and suspended even honest members when they asked for the payout after a very long time.

But since 3 years there is hope and a huge PTC/Bux Program shines up from the sky, called "Neobux".

Neobux offers "INSTANT" Payouts to Netteller/Paypal/Alertpay, they have a very friendly communityn the forum and the admins are very helpful if it comes to solve customer questions.

a quick summary of the features what Neobux offers (and there is more to come):

- instant payouts (first payout at 2$, thzen 3$, 4$ and so on, til it reaches 10 $ as minimum payout)

- standard members :  own clicks  $0.010 - $0.015 / their refs - $0.005 - $0.010

- golden members: own clicks: $0.010 - $0.020 / their refs - $0.010 - $0.020

- golden membership costs $90 a year and can be either purchased with neopoints, balance or payment processor

- neopoints are earned by clicks and can be coverted for referal extension, golden membership etc.

-  easy to use interface, well structured, program supports many languages on their layout and backend

- great support forum, friendly staff

 if you want to earn serious, thats the oppurtunity to join at Neobux.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

get paid every 30 seconds

is a slogan of one of the best PTC Pages called let us tell you what they offer:

- fast handling of the web interface and a good structure
- fancy blue layout of the website
- pays up to 0.02 US$ for a 30 Sec Ad
- some of the balance can be used for advertising (partially)
- a mini game called Clixgrid can be played for free gain more money

this short description puts Clixsense to mainly what it is and you will love it.

payout can be requested at 10 US to Paypal, Alertplay, GoogleCashout and LibertyPay, Check (USA, Canada, Mexico) and International Check to the rest of the World.

there is also a Premium Membership (14.95 US$ / Year)  which can be bought with the balance you already have or with one of the payment options listed above.

the premium membership gives you more chances on the clixgrid game (50 instead of 25), higher referal earnings, a welcome bonus and so much more.

optional you can have a toolbar instealled for your browser which shows you the actual balance and the amount of ads which are available for you to click plus shortcuts to facebook and other useful services.

not to forget: Monday is their "PayDay - weekly monday payouts to payment processors (payouts to checks will be made the first monday in a Month)

one negativ aspect might be that the fairly high payout is hard to reach without referals but they are stable, trusted and wont let you down if it comes to payout and advertising.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

first post and introduction

there are for sure many sites out there who advertise progams and want that you join them just in the hope you become their referal.

that is fine and nothing wrong with it, but sooner or later you find out this program isnt what you expected and you waste your time.

with this blog we tried to collect programs ONLY who are long in business and have a good reputation and support.

i hope you find the collection useful and come back to us often - a place where to find links to only quality programs in the advertising industry.

your trafficbuster team